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Vintage Capital is a professional real estate lending and investment company. We provide capital for acquisition, development, reposition, value add, and strategic purchases throughout the Western United States. A combination of proven experience and a broad and balanced base of capital partners enables Vintage to provide reliable financing in a rapid and efficient manner. Our focus is to provide individualized, fair and flexible funding that empowers borrowers and development partners

Real Results. Real People. Authentic


Unlike typical hard money lenders, we seek to provide options to each individual borrower, such as low introductory rates, low cost extensions, discounts to repeat borrowers, and more.


We are a group of experienced real estate professionals providing innovate capital solutions for all residential and commercial needs.


We focus on the individual and work to build long-term relationships and meet the needs of repeat borrowers.


We have your best interest in mind. We have a transparent structure that includes an annual audit, an experienced board of advisors, and a reputable third party fund administrator.

Vintage Capital’s founding partners, Joshua Hunter and Brad Cook, have dedicated their entire careers to developing a strong presence in commercial and residential real estate. With more than 30 years combined hands on experience and extensive resources, Vintage provides capital to borrowers, real estate developers, and professionals throughout the Western United States. As its foundation Vintage Capital espouses the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, authenticity, and transparency. Vintage Capital is dedicated to setting itself apart from institutional and typical hard money lenders. Unlike traditional options we seek to develop long term relationships with both our investors and clients.

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