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The co-founders of Vintage Capital not only lend on real estate backed investments but have more than 30 years combined experience, and are still active in developing, managing, rehabbing, acquiring, and the sale of all classes of real estate.

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Secured Fixed Income Investment with a Strong Return


Did you know? Real estate provides strong growth opportunities while providing greater security than traditional ETF, stocks and bonds.


Low fee.


Fixed income investments secured by short term secured real estate loans ranging from 6 months to 3 years.


Quarterly distributions.


Benefit from diversification in historically proven real estate markets.

did you know?

Historically, investors with roughly 20% allocated to real estate have outperformed those who only invest in stocks and bonds.

“Vintage Capital believes that for something to be truly vintage it must be stable enough to pass the test of time. This priceless value is incorporated into our company’s DNA. At first blush, Vintage may appear much like other real estate lenders that provide loans secured by deeds of trust. Yet – as you will find – Vintage provides much more stability than its competitors. This stability is at the very heart of our highest goal – to protect investor capital and – like all things vintage – make it more valuable tomorrow than it is today.

Vintage accomplishes this goal by extending short term loans secured by real property and then through innovative internal lending policies, providing a stable fixed return to our investors. Dividends on these returns will be paid by Vintage to our investors on a quarterly basis. This is in stark contrast to the returns offered by our competitors whose rates of return resemble moving targets more than investments.”

The Details Make the Difference


Each loan is closely scrutinized and put through a detailed underwriting process.


We know the markets and assets we invest in but verify our assumptions through proven third party professionals.


Only a small percentage of loans land on our lending portfolio.

Classic techniques that qualify as vintage are never one-size fits all. That is where Vintage capital truly shines. Unlike conventional and hard money lenders, Vintage has tremendous flexibility and options across its entire lending model. Specifically, the Vintage’s loans range from six months to three year terms thereby allowing Vintage to stay ahead of the market and avoid the volatility so typical of boom or bust lending and economic cycles. At its core, Vintage seeks to provide dependable, profitable and stable investments by supplying a quarterly return on short term loans secured by deeds of trust in real property. In the end, the approach provides investors with a reliable security at a predictable fixed return. Like most truly ingenuous inventions that ultimately become vintage treasures, this technique may seem simple and obvious. Rather, the investment world is still dominated by out-of-date and outmoded practices that are anything but vintage. We at Vintage Capital believe that we are on the ground floor of a model that will stand the test of time, consistently increase in value and ultimately become a standard bearer of stability in a historically volatile industry.

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